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V-Hawk Quad Motor Tilt-Rotor Pilot Report

V-Hawk Quad Motor Tilt-Rotor Pilot Report

Soon to be published in the upcoming July 2016 issue of Electric Flight, this review of the new V-Hawk Tilt rotor, quad-motor model is definitely something else. Check it out!


Every now and then, something comes along that makes you stop and take notice. The new V-Hawk X4 is just such a model. Truly a hybrid aircraft that captures a lot of excitement on the flightline, it should appeal to both quadcopter guys and military warbird lovers. Distributed by Ares, the V-Hawk is part of the Z-Line of ARFs and it has a lot of cool features. Let’s take closer look.

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Updated: March 30, 2016 — 9:33 AM
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  1. The X-4 is truly a new type of aircraft for the hobbyist. However with a list price of $479.99, this model I believe is over priced. Even with all of the “cool features”, I don’t think Ares will sell very many.

  2. I doubt if the average MAN subscriber will even know about this product since the article has been presented as a “premium article” which has apparently been deemed to be available only to “premium subscribers”….

  3. There are Clubs for the “High Brow” read rich or pretend rich !

    I like Clubs that cater for fliers, keep your expensive show off,, I am special and important stuff!!

    Camaraderie over Social Climbing any time !!

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