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Giant Aichi Takes Flight

Giant Aichi Takes Flight

You don’t often see an RC version of the Japanese Aichi D3A (called “Val” by the Allies), and this one is a stunner. Jörg Albrecht’s 1/3.2-scale, 147-pound, model has a 14.5-foot wingspan and is powered by a Valach VM R420cc, four-stroke, five-cylinder radial. Thanks to RCGiantScalePlanes for taking this video at the Icare Airmeet.

Updated: September 28, 2017 — 11:24 AM
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  1. That’s a moose! 420cc radial. 147 pounds. Wow. Great job to Jorg!

  2. Very nice plane, and looks so smooth when flying.

  3. Awesome video. Awesome plane! Wonderfully scale ground-handling and aerobatics. And nothing beats the sound of a radial engine. Weathering looks like the plane’s been riding a carrier for awhile or parked in the jungle under a cammo net!

  4. where do i get the kit? thanks Craig Bradshaw

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