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4th Annual Windy City Warbirds & Classics RC Air Show

4th Annual Windy City Warbirds & Classics RC Air Show

From Fox Valley Aero Club:
The Fox Valley Aero Club is sponsoring its 4th Annual Windy City Warbirds and Classics RC Air Show by having its lens focused on the past. It is the 90th Anniversary of the Spirit of St Louis transatlantic flight from New York to Paris. Come see a custom Giant Scale RC model airplane of the Spirit of St Louis take to the skies June 22-24 during the noon time air show. This carefully built one fourth scale Radio Control Model Airplane and other giant scale warbird and classic airplanes will be filling the skies with nonstop flight demonstrations. There will be as many as 6 airplanes in the air at a time. All planes will be at least 80” wingspans with biplanes having 60” wing spans. These warbird and classic carefully built giant scale RC airplanes are all scale replicas of planes that are at least 50 years old. We at Fox Valley Aero Club try to honor the past by recognizing the “mechanisms that conquered time and space.”

The Spirit of St Louis was a wonderfully engineered airplane that made flight history with Charles A Lindbergh flying from New York to Paris in 33 hours and 30 min. The original plane, a Ryan M-2, was highly modified under the guidance of Charles Lindberg. Ten feet was added to the wing and the engine was moved forward so that the 450 gallon fuel tank could be placed at the exact center of gravity behind the engine. This ensured the stability of the plane did not change during the flight as the gas was used. Lindberg added a sideways mounted periscope to assist during landing because his view was blocked by the fuel tank. The modified Ryan M-2 with call letters N-X-21 1 was designed with a small fin and rudder to make the Spirit of St Louis unstable and hard to fly. This design was intentional to help Lindbergh stay awake during his flight across the Atlantic. During the flight Lucky Lindy sometimes flew 10 feet above the water with his windows open to try and stay awake. When he landed safely at Le Bourget Field near Paris, he was greeted by a wildly enthusiastic crowd of 100,000. Some of the souvenir seekers tore off chunks of fabric from the plane including the “R with wings” (the Ryan Aircraft logo) from one side of the tail. The plane had to be repaired before it flew on to England.

“Our messenger of peace and goodwill has broken down another barrier of time and space.”

So spoke President Calvin Coolidge about Charles A. Lindbergh’s extraordinary solo transatlantic flight in 1927.

After Lucky Lindy’s historic flight he went on tour with his plane for about a year. One third of the US population saw Lindbergh during this tour. If you missed the first tour, now is your chance to come to the Fox Valley Aero Club and see this beautiful scale replica of the Spirit of St Louis (built by Orvil Flauharty). It will be on display and fly the skies on June 22-24.

In addition to the Spirit of St Louis, the Windy City Warbirds and Classics RC Air Show will feature scale WWI biplanes that have been carefully custom built to look exactly like the real planes as they existed in 1917. There will also be many examples of WWII aircraft from allied fighters like the P 51 to axis fighters from Japan and Germany. Each RC model is crafted in such a way as to spark the imagination. You will ask yourself as the planes fly by, “Is it real or is it a scale model?” Some of the examples of classic airplanes are the popular J3 Cub, the Cessna 310, or a classic Stearman trainer.

Finally, what would a model airplane air show event be without real turbine scale jets? These miniature turbines sound like the real thing because they are real scale jet engines. There will be jet warbird replicas that flew the skies in Vietnam and more modern examples from present day. All of these jets, like their prop driven brethren, are detailed to mimic actual planes as closely as possible. Many of these replica scale RC planes take more than 2 years to build.

We are located at 3821 Karl Madsen Drive, St Charles, Illinois. We will have over 90 pilots from 7 surrounding states and 2 countries. There will be over 300 giant scale RC planes on display during this event. We will have food vendors on site and Spirit of St Louis T Shirts on sale. Some grandstand seating is available but you are welcome to bring lawn chairs.

Entrance fee: $5 per person. Kids under 12 are free. Veterans are free with ID.
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Updated: June 1, 2017 — 10:35 AM
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