Flight Journal Nominated for Most Inspirational Story — Cast Your Vote Today!

Oct 20, 2014 No Comments by

Flight Journal is incredibly proud to announce that we are a finalist in the Barnes & Noble/ NOOK Readers’ Choice Newsstand Awards! Nocturnal Gamble by Martin K.A. Morgan, featured in our December 2014 D-Day issue, was chosen from hundreds of entries in the Most Inspirational Story category. Please take the time to vote today and [...]

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E-flite UMX Habu S DF180 BNF

Oct 20, 2014 No Comments by

Listen up, speed freaks: this tiny jet is your ticket to ride! With a wingspan of just 14.6 inches,  this ultramicro model will keep your thumbs busy indoors and out. And because it has AS3X flight stabilization, it performs like a much larger model. Here’s what E-flite has to say: The E-flite® UMX™ Habu S DF180 [...]

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3D printed UAV with integrated motors!

Oct 16, 2014 1 Comment by

3D printing technology can create some amazing things, but how about a UAV that includes integrated electric ducted fans? Designed and built by a Boeing-assisted team at the University of Sheffield, this aircraft weighs 7.7 pounds and can fly at 45mph using its integrated motor. It is made up of modules that are bolted together, [...]

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Tips for Getting Started with Electric Airplanes

Oct 14, 2014 5 Comments by

Today, more than ever we are enjoying a literal “Golden Age” of RC electric flight. The amount of quality motors, batteries, controllers and connectors is just about limitless as are the types and sizes of airplanes you can fly with E-power. Even though there are plenty of plug n play packages out there where you [...]

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Synchronized Aerobatics Video

Oct 14, 2014 7 Comments by

What’s more exciting than aerobatics, complete with wingtip smoke? Adding another aircraft, of course! Father and son team Andi and Tim Schaerer perform precision aerobatics with large Fox S1 Swift gliders in Red Bull colors. Tow pilot Thomas Hoffmann gets the gliders to altitude, and then the team puts on a fantastic show. Our thanks to RCScaleAirplanes [...]

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Build-Along Part 8 Alien Aircraft ArrowMaster biplane — Covering

Oct 13, 2014 No Comments by

Now that the ArrowMaster has been completely built and final sanded, the really fun part begins–covering the plane and making it look truly unique. For this project, I used UltraCote as it’s very easy to work with and produces outstanding results. To do this job, you need a covering iron, a straight edged ruler (36 inches,) a razor [...]

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Video: Drone Racing, Star Wars Style!

Oct 10, 2014 4 Comments

Inspired by the air race scene in The Phantom Menace, 24 FPV drone pilots sped through a forest in the French Alps, weaving around trees and low-hanging branches to reach speeds of 31mph! The brainchild of the Airgonay drone club, the event pitted four pilots at a time, flying three laps of the nearly 500-foot [...]

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Must-see mini quad commercial

Oct 08, 2014 No Comments

Just when you thought that the dozens of mini quads available were all pretty much the same, here comes a unique commercial from Kyosho that will totally change your mind. [Spoiler alert: we guarantee you've never seen a karate move like the one the performed at around 2:02!]   Here’s the full press release from Kyosho: Feeling of [...]

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