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AERO Gen2 Fuels from Byron Originals

AERO Gen2 Fuels from Byron Originals




















did we invest nearly two years in researching,

formulating and field testing our new

AERO Gen2 fuels?


did we field test on three different continents?


did we insist on EXCEEDING modeler’s

expectations instead of just meeting their needs?


Because our customers expect NOTHING

LESS from the global leader in model airplane fuels!

100% virgin methanol, 99.9% pure fuel grade

nitromethane, unequalled lubrication packages, nitrogen

blanketed raw materials storage and CONSISTENCY the

modeler has come to rely upon with Byron Fuels.

The heart of the new

AERO Gen2 formulas is a unique

and revolutionary lubrication package that combines a

greatly increased flow rate with increased film

strengths, allowing:

More power throughout the entire

throttle range

Cooler operation

Easier tuning

Extended engine life

No need for after-run oils


from Byron Fuels—all other brands are officially put on notice!

Updated: July 16, 2015 — 11:15 AM
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