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AS3X system with the Beast

AS3X system with the Beast

See what our Senior Editor on the West Cost, John Reid has to say about the new Horizon AS3X system used in the Beast bi-plane.  This system makes it much easier to fly small micro planes and we were able to try it out first hand with all three aircrafts.  Right now, this system is installed in the Gee Bee, The Beast and the Hyper Taxi.  John will tell you what he thinks about the Beast and this new system in it.

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Updated: March 23, 2012 — 4:46 PM
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  1. Could not agree more with the review. AS3X feels like a true “game changer” in the micro market. I could not believe how much of a difference it made from my V1 Beast to the 3D Beast. Now coming out in other 1s micros, completely sold. I fly my beast in some pretty serious winds now and don’t worry about it at all. 3D is WAY more do-able, though still a challenge for folks like me with limited skills. Great tech advance though.

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