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Avions Fairey Tipsy S2

Avions Fairey Tipsy S2

Scale and unique airplanes always appeal to me, and when I first saw an article on the full-size Tipsy S2, I knew I needed to model it.  I used 3-view drawing from the article to develop my 1/6-scale plans. The Tipsy airplane line was designed by Belgium designer Ernest Tips. The S2 was designed and built back in the mid-1930s and was powered with a variety of small 2- and 4-cylinder engines. After doing some research, I found aircraft “OO-TIP” in a Belgium Airplane Museum;  it was powered by a 2-cylinder 28 HP Douglas Sprite engine. I loved the “Spitfire” looks with elliptical surfaces and also the attractive red, white and black color scheme.  I also discovered a great book all about Ernest Tips designs, “Les Avions Tipsy Airplanes” by Vincent Jacobs.  I ordered the book direct from the author in Belgium.

Read the article, here.

Buy the plan now.

Updated: August 18, 2015 — 2:18 PM
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  1. Your article is very helpful. After I get my current project off the building board I plan to build this beauty (I’m a pushover for elliptical wings). Thank you!

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