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Backyard Micro Model Rockets — ALL NEW!

Backyard Micro Model Rockets — ALL NEW!

Here’s something new and different from Quest Aerospace: ready-to-fly Micro-Rocs that only require a 50-foot diameter launch site!  They can even reach altitudes of up to 75 feet and, with their streamer recovery method, you can enjoy launching them again and again. Each Starter Set includes rocket(s), motor/igniter(s) and a launch pad/controller and starts at just $24.99. t

Updated: August 1, 2011 — 4:44 PM
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  1. Haha! What do I win if I videotape a Gulf War reinactment using my foamie A-10 and these mini surface to air missles??????

    1. Don — I will personally send you a MAN cap and promise you a spot on the Radio Control Show if you can pull this off. 🙂

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