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Battleship Island

Battleship Island

Gunkanjima (“Battleship Island”) is one of the world’s most well-known “ghost towns.” Originally developed as a seabed coal mining facility, more than 5000 people inhabited the island at the peak of its prosperity. The last inhabitants left in 1974, and today the island remains uninhabited. Using a radio-controlled helicopter equipped with a Sony’s Action Cam, we took some aerial footage of this breathtaking deserted island to serve as a record for generations to come.

Updated: July 27, 2015 — 2:27 PM
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  1. Very nice video – how about the dip in the ocean.
    I enjoy the information in your magazine.

  2. Scenes look like where Skyfall was shot.

    So is this blight on the landscape just going to be left to rot or will the Japanese do something responsible and remove it? Silly me why even ask.

  3. Beautiful video, nice flying. Was the dunk on purpose? I wish I had the funds to purchase a serious pro quality rig like that.

  4. Great video but really strange music. Didn’t match the gloomy subject. I know there is always a critic!!

  5. Sure looks like the island used in the Bond movie “Skyfall” where he met his latest nemesis.

  6. Too much stop and start, spoils it.

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