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Behind-The-Scenes at Model Airplane News

Behind-The-Scenes at Model Airplane News

Here is a sample shot of what I got to do all day today.  This is a photo of us working Behind-The-Scenes here at Model Airplane news. This is the work we are doing for our video series that coincides with some great flying articles by Dave Scott.  Today we are working on the P-Loop turn-around.   Stay tune for some out-takes to be showing up on this site.

Updated: August 2, 2011 — 6:07 PM
Pearl Harbor MAN 600x120
FPV/Photodrone 600x120

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  1. Very high end professional equipment you have there Mr.Reid.
    Also, nice props and backdrop. Obviously you know what you are doing. I am looking forward to watching your video series and your out-takes.

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