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Bent-wing Pacific Warbirds at the 2011 Warbirds over Delaware

Bent-wing Pacific Warbirds at the 2011 Warbirds over Delaware

If you were to put a warbird type up for Icon for the 2011 Warbird over Delware event, I would have to say it had to be the F4U Corsair. There were several of these bent wing south Pacific warbirds at the event including two CompositeARF giants flown by the Contest Directors Pete, Dave and Dave Jr., Malcione. These two amazing Corsairs would have made Pappy Boyington proud with their Moki 250 radial engines and their hydrolically driven folding wing mechanisms. Yet, these warbirds could fold and extend their wing panels at will with full safety locks driven by onboard hydrolic pumps using fine grade baby oil for fluid. Amazing!

Watch for  a detailed Flight Report and airplane report coming in a future issue of Model Airplane News

Updated: July 17, 2011 — 7:39 PM
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  1. They sound awesome in flight!

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