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  1. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!! But I would like to know when is this event held each year and where is Cosford? I would like to attend it in person.

  2. I wish I had that kind of budget!

  3. RC Planes like these big boys just gives you a tingling thrill just to watch them even in video’s. Damn I wish I was rich enough to build a couple to fly myself.

  4. I saw a close call ,, when one of the big jets was taking off, the on board camera caught a smaller red jet landing from left to right directly in his take off path. I would have been in that guys face after the flight. Was almost a spectacular crash…

    1. There was more than 1 close call! Peole too close o props, more than one “too close for comfort” almost prop strike, planes flying right into someones flight path… but it looked like a good day.

    2. Landing aircraft have right of way over planes taking off.

  5. Beautiful airplanes! But why is it that every time I see something from the UK it’s always overcast?

  6. Possibly already been answered by now but just in case, RAF Cosford location is, M6 motorway, regardless north or south on to M54 in direction of Telford and Shrewsbury. Keep eyes open for large direction signs for RAF Cosford Museum, just leave M54 and follow signs. Near Wolverhampton, West Midlands. Nearby also is Weston Park, home of the fantastic Model international show both day light and ‘In the dark shows’. Enjoy.

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