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Blade mCX2

Blade mCX2



The Blade® mCX2 takes everything that made the original Blade mCX easy enough for anyone to fly and adds an extra shot of excitement with a sleek new look, user-selectable swash sensitivity and flashing LED lights. It also boasts more powerful motors and a higher capacity 120mAh battery pack. It all adds up to the most fun you will ever have with a coaxial ultra micro heli whether you’re a newbie or a pro.

With the Ready-to-Fly version, you get a completely assembled and flight-tested heli plus everything else you need to get flying, all in one box.

For those who already have a Spektrum or JR 2.4GHz DSM aircraft transmitter, there is a convenient Bind-N-Fly version that includes everything that comes with the Ready-to-Fly Blade mCX2 except the transmitter. Like the Ready-to-Fly version, the Bind-N-Fly mCX2 comes out of the box completely assembled and flight ready. All you have to do to get it flying is charge a battery and bind its receiver to the DSM aircraft transmitter you already own.

You can also bind the Blade mCX2 to any of the DSM transmitters included with other ready-to-fly coaxial Blade helis.


Updated: July 16, 2015 — 10:08 AM
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