Mini Titan E325 Pro ARF Plus

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Mini Titan E325 Pro ARF Plus



The Mini Titan is a fully aerobatic electric helicopter. It is designed by a team of expert engineers and tested by the world’s best pilots. The mini Titan E325 delivers the ultimate 3D experience for a helicopter of this size. In addition, it is also provides great flight stability for new pilots training. The Mini Titan E325 Pro ARF Plus provides not only a rock solid flight platform, it also includes electronic cyclic collective pitch mixing unit that can be used with most any 4-channel radio. In addition, this same E-CCPM unit has a head-locking gyro built into this unit. For cyclic/collective control 3 ACE 1016 micro servos are provided and 1 micro high speed 0915 Ace servo for rudder control. To complete the package a ACE Power Lithium Polymer 11.1V 3s1p 2200 mah pack is included, as well as a brushless motor 29/35-10H and a 40 amp speed control with BEC.




- Rigid one-piece frame design
- Molded one-piece land skid

- Easily accessible and removable motor mount to change pinions

- 120o e-CCPM (electronic cyclic collective pitch mixing)

- High positioned battery tray for faster cyclic


- Constant driven auto-rotation system

- Belt driven tail system

- Attractive decal design

- Rear servo mount

- Tail assembly detaches for easy packing

  and storing of tail system




Full Length of fuselage: 25.75″

Full width of fuselage: 4.72″

Total height: 8.3″

Main rotor dia: 28.54″

Tail rotor dia: 6.14″

Gear ratio: 1 : 11.5 : 4.4


Mini Titan e325 Pro ARF PLUS

MSRP: $568.99

MAP: $379.99

Available: Now

Full equipped weight: 26.50 oz




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