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Bob Hanson of Olathe, KS, writes:
    The attached photo is of a trainer design named the Tutor.  I found it on the training aircraft page of your current website, and there is no plan number.  Just the name.  However, it has been probably 15 years since I built that machine, and I took thes photos yesterday.  It is a pretty big airplane with a 72 or 74 inch span, and powered by an OS .61FS.  Note that my Tutor has flaps (which had little effect) and regular ailerons, rather than strip ailerons.  If I did it again, I would do the strip.  The regular ailerons require rudder coordination for turns.  Just like a real airplane!  How about that!/DIV>
      The Tutor is a slow positive flyer, with no bad characteristics, except it doesn’t want to land.  On the maiden flight, it took at least six tries, and I kept putting the base leg out further and coming in lower, until I just managed to fly it into the runway, (always in idle) and the grass offered enough drag to stop it at the far end!
       I also built a set of very large floats for it, but have never fitted them to try it, but it should be a winner!  I must do that.  Check out the scale tail wheel assembly!  Best feature on the airplane.
 I have built a number of MAN models, and still enjoy the magazine very much!  Keep up the great work!

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