Designing a Fiesler Storch

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Interview with Rob Caso, continued

 Is the paint scheme scale?

I covered the model with SIG Koverall and, except for the cockpit area and the vertical fin that are skinned, the covering is scale. I employed a bit of “modeler’s license” with the paint scheme. While the scheme itself is correct, only a few Storchs were flown by the Regia Aeronautica during WW II, so I have no definitive evidence to support my selection. I just liked the scheme and light colors are better for small models!

How did first flight go? Were there any major or minor adjustments needed?

The model seemed a bit touchy in roll when I first flew it and, despite adding nose weight, nothing seemed to help. I then tried removing the LE slats and that seemed to cure the problem. I determined that the slats were too wide in chord and were acting as spoilers. I skinnied them down, spaced them further from the LE and now the model flies a lot better and still looks the part. With about 30 flights on the model, I kept the original “all you can get” control throw setup and used expo to calm things down.


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  1. v. wolfe says:

    Can I still get the lazer cut short kit and cowl? How?

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