Thunder Tiger F-130S

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Thunder Tiger F-130S 4-stroke Powerhouse

Thunder Tiger’s powerhouse F-130S is the perfect way to enjoy the advantages of four-stroke performance; the ability to swing a larger prop, increase torque, lower noise and improved fuel economy. 

Thunder Tiger F series powerhouse engines are the ultimate in four-stroke performance:the ability to swing a large prop, increased torque, reduced noise and improved fuel economy. Featuring a twin-needle updraft carburetor, black anodized cylinder head, oversized valves, and a high performance silencer for best power-to-weight ratio.

The F-130S is the all new & largest powerhouse in the Thunder Tiger F series 4-stroke engine line. Run the F-130S and give your giant plane some serious kick.



Displacement: 21.88 cc. / 1.298 cu. in.

Bore: 33.6 mm. / 1.323 in.

Stroke: 24 mm. / 0.954 in.

Practical RPM: 2,000 ~ 12,000

Output: 2.2 BHP / 11,000 RPM

Weight: 759.5 g. / 26.79 oz.

Price: $399.99



 ·          Black anodized cylinder head & muffler

 ·         Rear-mounted updraft carburetor

 ·         Reversible carburetor installation

 ·         Ringed piston with XC2 cylinder

 ·         Dual Ball bearing-supported

 ·         OHV with valve cover

·         Redline Type RF glow plug included

·         UL Type FR Bearing

·         Special plating crankshaft



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