F-86 Sabre 15DF ARF from E-flite

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Wingspan:33.8 in (860mm)
Overall Length:35.4 in (900mm)
Wing Area:256 sq in (16.5 sq dm)
Flying Weight:53 – 55 oz (1500 – 1560 g)
Motor Size:15 DF 3200Kv Brushless Motor
Radio:4+ channels
Servos:Sub Micro (4 required) & Micro (1 required)
Speed Control :60-amp brushless
Recommended Battery:4S 14.8V 3200-3300mAh Li-Po
Experience Level:Advanced
Recommended Environment:Outdoor
Assembly Time:5-7 Hours
Is Assembly Required:Yes

F-86 Sabre 15 DF ARF

Key Features

·         Designed for the E-flite Delta V 15 DF for great power and performance

·         Lightweight fiberglass fuselage provides minimum weight to this accurately detailed scale model

·         Factory-finished scale trim scheme with 3 unique nose art/squadron decal sets included

·         Magnetic battery hatch allows for quick access to the airplane’s electronics

·         Hyper-efficient ducting with no “cheater” holes

·         Airfoil-shaped vertical fin and rudder

·         Full 4-channel control


E-flite’s ARF version of the F-86 Sabre uses E-flite’s best-in-class design principles and top-of-the-line glass and balsa construction techniques to recreate the famous jet fighter with extreme accuracy. In the jet arena where performance reigns supreme, this E-flite ducted fan jet hits on all cylinders with its performance- designed intake and exhaust ducting. When outfitted with E-flite’s own Delta V fan and motor and coupled with a 4S Li-Po, the Sabre will hum with power and speed. As always, E-flite has gone above and beyond to fashion a model in which the aviation aficionado can take great pride.



Wingspan:          33.8 in (860mm)

Overall Length: 35.4 in (900mm)

Wing Area:         256 sq in (16.5 sq dm)

Flying Weight: 53 – 55 oz (1500 – 1560 g)

Motor Size:         15DF 3200Kv Brushless Motor

Radio:                   4+ channels

Servos:                  Sub Micro (4 required) & Micro (1 required)

Speed Control :     60-amp brushless

Rec’d Battery:   4S 14.8V 3200-3300mAh Li-Po

Scale:                    Korean Jet

Assembly Time:     5-7 Hours


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