Evolution .60NX CL Control Line Engine

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The new 50-60-Size Control Line Engine is Here

The new .60NX CL Control Line engine is the latest addition to the Evolution family of control line engines. Purposefully designed for control line precision aerobatics, the .60NX CL has .60-sized displacement in a 46–52-sized case, resulting in increased power at a smaller size.

               Single sprinkler venturi system which provides easy, out-of-the-box operation

               Multiple muffler options allowing the user to choose the muffler that is right for them

               Front case mounted friction lock needle valve that fits traditional installations and provides easier fuel tank alignment

               Purpose-built engine that is the perfect match for any 50–60 size airplane for use in control line precision aerobatics


price: TBA


 Evolution .60NX CL Control Line Engine

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