New High-Performance Flybarless Technology from BeastX

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High-Performance Flybarless Technology from BeastX

This new Microbeast is a 3-axis gyro system for RC helicopters. Flybarless technology allows nitro and electric helis to get up in the air without the mechanical flybar. With a more simple head design of fewer mechanical parts to break, flybarless technology results in more power in flight, as well as absolute stability and agility. BeastX has perfected this technology with the Microbeast. Lightweight and compact, the Microbeast is very easy to install and set up.

·         Complete 3-axis gyro all-in-one unit, eliminating the need for a separate tail gyro

·         Compact dimensions allow it to be installed on 200–700 size collective pitch helis

·         Simple setup with the optional USB adapter cable to update firmware from

BTXM76000        Microbeast
BTXM76000C      Microbeast Combo with USB2SYS
BTXA76001        Tail Gyro Adapter Cable
BTXA76002        Receiver Adapter Cable, 8 cm
BTXA76003        Adhesive Foam Tape
BTXA76004        Adjustment Tool
BTXA76005        Bevel Box
BTXA76006        Receiver Adapter Cable, 15 cm
BTXA76007        USB2SYS


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