1/3-scale Scale Engines from Nick Ziroli Plans

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Scale Dummy Rotary Engines for 1/3-scale Planes

One of the greatest new giant scale accessories we saw at the 2011 WRAM show was the new line of very high quality, resin cast scale rotary engines on display at the Ziroli booth. These highly detailed engines are the perfect addition to any serious scale WW1 aircraft with a round engine.

The line includes:

9-Cylinder Clerget 9B 130 HP ($45)

Ideal for Balsa USA 1/3-scale Sopwith Pup and the Mick Reeves Sopwith Camel

Includes engine front and pushrod set.


9-Cylinder Oberursel UR2 110HP ($89)

Ideal for the Ron Weiss 1/3-scale Fokker triplane and Fokker D-VIII as well as the Glenn Torrance Fokkers.

Includes engine front, 4 half cylinders, rockers, intake pipes and cylinder heads.


LeRhone 9J 110HP ($79)

Fits Balsa USA Nieuport 17 and 28, and other WW1 biplanes

Includes engine front, rockers, intake pipes and cylinder heads.


These half-shell engines allow more room in the cowl for the airplane’s RC engine and are molded from white urethane plastic.

The Ziroli engine are also available completely built and painted. (call for pricing)


2231 5th Ave., Ronkonkoma, NY 11779; (631) 467-4765; fax: (631) 467-1752




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  1. timothy dubbert says:

    I am interested in building a three ( simplest multi-cylinder ) radial or rotary airplane engine to put on a lawn mower. the mower is a beautiful machine (1982 commercial lawn boy). the motor is shot. I can not -by law- buy a replacement nor a short block. could you help me with ideas, plans, resources ect to build an engine suitable for this 21 inch mower? note: the motor needs to mount/run horizontally. I am a machinist and have access to knee mill, toolroom lathe, cnc lathe, cnc mill (vert. & horz.) and master cam at school. I have no experience building engines. my limitation is to machining parts. I think this would be a fun project. i live in the kansas city MO area. you should have my email address I used to log on here. THNX

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