2011 WRAM Show Static Scale Competition Results

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2011 WRAM Show Static Competition Results

Pattern / IMAC

1st  Terry Terrenoire        Sequel

2nd  Bob Noll                       Super Kaos

3rd Danny Landis               VISA SMF


Scale Electric


1st  Robert Caso                 DH-2

 2nd  Michael C. Gross      Albatros D.III

3rd  Marshall Gross           F-18 Hornet


Vintage R/C

1st  John Plasko                 Miss America

 2nd Terry Terrenoire       DeBolt Champ

3rd Richard Bell                  Goldberg Skylark



 1st  Keith Hertzog            UH-1

 2nd Ray Quiles                   Trex 600



 1st  Jordan Behrle            Wright Flyer


Stand-Off Scale

1st Bill Stevick                   F-86


2nd Ray Prato                      SPAD

3rd  Sal Iasilli      
Tiger Moth



1st Mike Plot                       Chipmunk

2nd Pete DeStephano     Ercoupe

 3rd Henry Haffke              Gee Bee Y



1st  Leonard Smart            BVM Bobcat

 2nd  Terry Terrenoire      Ace Seamaster

3rd Karl Jacob                      Telemaster


Post WWI Military

1st Matt Lupri                     FW-190

 2nd Robert Caso                Fieseler Storch

3rd Michael&Alfred Fusco P-47 Thunderbolt


World War I

1stWhitney Philbrick     Nieuport 28

2nd Andrew Marone        DH-1A

3rd Jim Plucinsky             Albatros


Designer Scale

 1st Gunny Bumbur         Schweitzer

2nd Henry Haffke              Gee Bee


“Best” Awards

Best In Show                      Dennis Crooks                   F-14 Tomcat

Best Finish Paint              Ron Randall                        P-38 Lightning


Best Finish MonoKote   Terry Terrenoire              Ace Seamaster


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