Bob Moore’s F-105 Thunderchief

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A recent email from John Raclawski alerted me to this really cool project out of Wichita, Kansas. This 1/6-scale F-105 just had its first flight, and it’s a beauty. This fully detailed, custom-built jet has custom-built landing gear and is powered by a JetCat P-200. After flying it for the first time, Bob says, “It was pretty intense … it took off so smooth and straight … the wind was blowing at like 35mph and when I turned into the wind, it had no ailerons, and by the time I slipped to high rate [the jet] was a mile and a half away! … With the gear down, it was really mushy, so we cut it short and landed. I left the throttle up high and used a little bit of flap and it came in nice … it was a good landing.”

Bob’s website, has a ton of videos that detail the building process and first flight.


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  1. Will roman says:

    Greetings Bob – a beautiful F105 you have built and now flown successfully. Looks phenomal and lifelike..A F105 on is station guard at Mather Field, California, in front ot the VA Hospital ,for great up close detailed photos. Maybe you have need of more pictures still. Keep up the fine craftsmanship please …

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