Maxx Products High-Current, Coupled Connectors

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Maxx Products Incorporated (MPI) continues to provide onboard support for every possible receiver, servo, ESC and battery configuration.  New to their diverse inventory are four Dean’s high current, coupled connectors capable of increasing ESC connectivity, power and voltage for both 2S and 3S applications.  The modules use lug connectors with each plug firmly coupled and heat shrink wrapped replacing harness wiring and reducing weight.
Shown from left to right, the 3S module (7953) can handle the same current specified for all Dean’s-type connectors and triples the voltage, but retains the battery capacity.  The 2S module (7952) doubles the voltage while maintaining the capacity.  A 2S parallel module (7942) is also now available and couples two batteries while doubling the current and duration, but maintaining the voltage.  The fourth in the lineup has a more specialized application for joining two ESC’s and operating them with one power source (7932).  All modules eliminate harness wiring and follow conventional ESC and battery polarity. They cost $12.95 each.   –By David Vaught


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2 Responses to “Maxx Products High-Current, Coupled Connectors”

  1. Don Horneff says:

    These are the greatest thing since sliced bread!! They really clean up the wiring spiderweb when using multiple batteries, besides shortening the wire lengths appreciably. Well worth the money on those big jobs.

  2. Jim Slaughter says:

    Nice job but I wish someone would begin to manufacture parallel and serial adapters for gold bullet connectors. The Deans are fine up to a point but then you need to go to 4mm-8mm connectors due to high amp draw. I have standardized on 5.5mm bullet connectors in my r/c boats. Boats draw horrendous amps compared to aircraft.

    MPI, for ideas, you welcome to contact me.

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