Royal DC-3

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Check this out: the smaller DC-3 in the foreground is actually a 14-inch-span Buffalo Airways diecast model, and the larger plane is an RC model built from an old Royal kit! The project was a collaboration between Jack Yablonski, who provided the kit, Wilf Ansel, who built it, and Robert Yablonski, who will fly it soon (and who sent us this photo!). The aircraft has full flaps, landing lights, scale Robart retracts, and two .63 YS engines. The built-up model is covered in fiberglass and painted with the Ice Pilots scheme. Nicely done!

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2 Responses to “Royal DC-3”

  1. Dave Parker says:

    I’m retired and I love to build RC park fliers and the like. Design is not my forte, nor is anything that costs money; I’m on a low fixed income. Magazines used to publish free construction plans and designs. I would like to see MAN do a bit more of this on a regular basis.

    • Debra Cleghorn says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Dave. We’ve done free pullout plans in the past (that didn’t need to be blown up on a copier); we should do another again soon!

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