Classic Cutters-Great Additions for your Toolbox

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One thing is for sure, if you are into even the simplist of RC modeling projects, you have to deal with cutting and bending (and soldering) Music wire and control cables. I am a firm believer in using “the right tool for the job” and this is for speed as well as safety for any workshop task. If you want to make quick work of all your metal (wire-and rod) cutting jobs, the Classic Cutter no. 001 (3/32 inch) $16.20, and the no. 002 (3/16 inch) $18.20, are great additions for your toolbox.

Available from BB Tools, these cutters will last a lifetime. I can promise you that!

Cutter 002 has large well supported cutting jaws for wire diameters up to 3/16 of an inch

Here you see how clean the cut is!

The great thing about these easy to use tools is they are designed to last and have a unique jaw design that draws the wire part being cut into the apex of the cutting surfaces. Once you try these great cutters, you’ll never use a pair of “dykes” again! I promise!

Give Classic Cutter a try. They’re made in the USA too!  


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  1. John Reid says:

    These tools really do work very well.

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