Video Outtakes, sometimes it is hard to keep a straight face

May 19, 2011 3 Comments by

Sometimes when you are shooting a video the unexpected giggles happens, I’m not saying it is pretty, it just happens.  When your crew is cracking up behind the cameras, it is very hard to keep a straight face.

A brief history on the subject:

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John Reid

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West Coast senior editor About me: I’ve been involved with RC aircraft since high school and have flown just about everything. I started my RC career with scratch-building, but now like many pilots I rely on ARFs to get me in the air. My main focus is on pylon racing, aerobats, combat and scale warbirds.

3 Responses to “Video Outtakes, sometimes it is hard to keep a straight face”

  1. Gerry Yarrish says:

    Gremlin repellent works great but laughing gas is good to! :^)

  2. Terry Kaiser says:

    And you said that was a very difficult shoot. :-/

  3. Mike York says:

    Didn’t you know that gremlins are contagious?! When you touched the tail they went right up to your funny bone. Then they even made you slap yourself :)

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