Mini Fokker D-VII Cover and Finishing

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Well, finally I got back to the D-VII and I started covering it. Using the painted fabric from 21st Century Coverite line, it is starting to look pretty good!

Starting with the tail surfaces, I used white and brought the covering up to the cockpit. The dark red is then added so the seam faces backward.

Aft turttledecking has some unsheeted sections at the side corners to look more scale.

Front red section goes from the bottom wing trailing edge to the front cowl section.

The cockpit will be finished with paint (light gray) and then the outer combing will be added. Will used black neoprene rubber tubing split on one side.

Before the engine and muffler are reinstalled, I will fuel proof the compartment and paint it red with glow-proof fuel.

Next up will be the wing covering and then decals! Stay tuned

Gerry Yarrish

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