Mini Fokker cover and finish

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Made a little more progress on my build-along Mini Fokker project. The fuselage and tail feathers are now covered and ready to be glued together and hinged. All that’s left is the wing covering and finishing and adding the decals.

(Above) Using black Stick on Monokote trim sheet for the black markings! Can you believe Great Planes has discontinued “Black” 21st Century Graphics trim sheets!?!

(Above) Of course the covering bottom center is removed for gluing the stab into place on the fuselage.

(Above) 3/32 inch welding rod bent to shape is used as elevator joiner.

(Above) Vertical fin has two tabs that key into slots in the center of the horizontal stab. A thin strip of covering will be removed for a solid glue joint when assembling the tail surfaces.

Gerry Yarrish, Workshop Build-Alongs

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2 Responses to “Mini Fokker cover and finish”

  1. Bill says:

    Gerry, Did you ever finish this plane

    • Gerry Yarrish says:

      Hi Bill. sorry to say the project has been sidetracked for the summer. I am traveling so much that I had to set it aside for a while. I should get back to it by the end of September and then I will finish covering the wings and fly it before the snow flies! Sorry for the delay!

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