Sensational Sopwith

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Just got some images from my buddy Mike Gross, former clubmate in the L.I. Skyhawks, about his newest project, a 1/3rd scale Sopwith Camel. Mike started with a Mick Reeves kit from the U.K. and modified the structure to make it more scale-like. It’s loaded with extra detailing like scale prop and¬†rotary engine, but some of the cockpit components are incredible. Just look at that seat. Clearly, the art of basketweaving can play a huge role in WWI “warbird” modeling! The machine spans a bit over 9 feet, weighs only 41 pounds and pulled along by a DLE111. Solartex covering is topped off with Klass-Kote, Minwax urethane. Mike is planning to fly it shortly and is looking for an invite to Top Gun 2012 if all goes well. It sure seems to have the potential!

Rich Uravitch

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His modeling career encompasses a broad range of aviation subjects, from small electric models and electric ducted fans to the giant scale and warbirds. He has been the Top Gun craftsmanship judge for several years. He has designed, built and flown several sport-scale RC aircraft, several of which can be purchased at the website.
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