Gas engines & after-run oil

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Q: I own a Ge20 ei (Zenoah G200PU) gas engine, model X374320000.  I ran it a few times and it was OK.  Then I set it aside for 6-8 months and then it would not run. I discovered that the carburetor fuel metering/diaphragm was no longer flexible.  So I got a repair kit and replaced it.  Now it runs perfectly. Thus I wonder how to treat gas engines after a run, ie., run totally out of fuel and/or put in “After Run”.  Thanks for the help and ideas. Followed you for more years that I’d care to mention.

A: You should always run an engine out dry at full throttle following a flying session and load with a good after-run oil. Hit the engines a few times more after it dies until it no longer fires. I note that you are in Manila, so no telling what is in the gas you are using that could be contributing to the problem.

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