Hot Friday Action from the Warbirds over Delaware Giant Scale Fly In

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I am reporting live from the flightline and today (Friday July 15) was amazing. If you like warbirds, this is the place to be, from giants gas powered multi-engine bombers like the B-29 and B-26 and the B-17 FLying Fortress (an electric powered one,) to a turbo-prop Tucano, today’s meet was simply amazing. Giant WW1 biplanes are the theme of the day since they had their WW! Gaggle flight. Wow! Here’s some pix from the flightline.

Me and Nick Ziroli discussing his new 100 inch span Spitfire

Interviewing Mr. B-26 himself, Paul LeTornean.

That’s Rebecca showing off just how big Keith Zimmerly’s 50% scale Nieuport 17 really is!

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  1. Virgil Kee says:

    More PICS, Ger!

  2. Gerry Yarrish says:

    you can also check out our forum at: look under “inside MAN” I have lots there as well as in the Gallery section of the WOD coverage here on the MAN Page.

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