Calvin Goble – RC Spotlight – Upper Canada Fun/Fly

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Calvin Goble of Carleton Place, Ontario came on out to fly at the Upper Canada Fun/Fly July 16/17th.  Now this event is a a big top drawer event located at the Smiths Falls Russ Beach airport.  Ya the fun/fly closed an airport for a full weekend just for RC! With a 100 plus pilots and planes it was Calvin who found my camera and was one of the many stars of the event!

Calvin is fairly new to Jets and he was having a blast flying his Turbine powered Boomerang using a P80SE Jetpack putting out 22lbs of thrust and this model carries 3.7l of jetfuel.  You just know this guy is really having a great time and Calvin put his model through its paces with low passes and Split’S's and loops etc.  This model such an excellent sport flyer it even has me eyeing one as a Bucket list item I may need to buy some day.

PS: The Upper Canada Fun/Fly has such potential to be a Monster size event some day! Hey Smiths Falls is not very far from the NY border at the Thousand Island Bridge.  Come on America come join us for 2012  You can see tons more photos from the event here! Enjoy!

Ken Park

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