The Thunder Tiger Redline 56H Engine is here

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High performance and extreme power are the main features of the Thunder Tiger Redline series of engines. The Redline 53H helicopter engine was the first engine in this series, and has now been superseded by the new RL-56H with increased displacement and awesome power, making the Redline 53H/56H the best nitro power plant choice for your .50 size helicopter.

Features include a two needle carburetor with push-pull control, using 2 mounting bolts for easy alignment and installation. A thermal insulator pad between the carburetor and crankcase also enhances smooth running without being effected by the heat of the engine. The red anodized cylinder head not only looks good, but also enhances heat transfer from the engine, while a ringed piston with XC2 cylinder plating also improves performance and extends the life of the engine.

Paul Tradelius

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