Tech Tip: 5 Money saving tips and tricks

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If one of your model’s control servo connectors become unplugged during flight, at best, you’re going to have a real tough time getting it back on the ground in one piece. At worst, you could lose the model completely due to a serious crash. By simply crossing your servo lead end like this and forming a half-knot at the connection, you can be sure the connectors won’t come undone even while under extreme forces during aerobatic flight. ?


Small and very important parts and fasteners will be much easier to find and store if you organize your field box and/or workshop drawers. A very inexpensive alternative to those ready-made parts bins and compartmental storage boxes are leftover plastic Tic Tac containers. Tape several together as shown and add those little screws, nuts, grommets, etc. An added benefit is that your breath will always be minty fresh!


Using an old milk crate (readily available everywhere!) and some water pipe insulation foam, makes an inexpensive, yet very sturdy model airplane maintenance and support stand. It’s also big enough to use as an equipment caddy to transport your battery charger and field equipment.


We all know that L-shaped hex head Allen wrenches are handy. You can easily turn an Allen wrench into a long-reach hex driver with a little shop work and a length of 4-inch wood dowel. Drill a hole in the end and a second larger hole to intersect the first (as shown) through the side of the dowel. Split the dowel lengthwise and remove excess side material with a band saw. Next, add a threaded cinch bolt to clamp the Allen wrench securely in place. This design also allows you to change sizes of the Allen wrenches.


If you’re having trouble getting your tape hinges to stick to your foam airplane, use a Q-tip to apply a thin coating of medium or thick foam-safe CA to the area where the tape will be applied. Let the adhesive air dry (don’t use kicker!) and then apply the tape. The hinge material will stick more securely and will last much longer than if it were applied to the untreated foam surface.


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  1. Jim Murray says:

    Awhile back in the magazine there was a tip on soaking you glow plugs in Vassal. I do not know what Vassal is and a Google search has not provided me with any useful information. Do you know what chemical this is referring too?

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