Servo City Servo Stretcher

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Weight 0.5oz.

One of the big issues with onboard camera setups is getting the pan/tilt system to rotate further than 90 degrees.  Most analog servos are designed to rotate 45 degrees in each direction, but with the servo stretcher you can boost the signal to the servo to gain a rotation of 90 degrees in each direction. This is especially useful when your transmitter is not capable of end point programming or you need to set the center point to something other than zero degrees.  These are also excellent for retract servos when you need end point or center point adjustments if your transmitter has limited capabilities. The servo stretcher includes three adjustment potentiometers.  I would suggest you make sure your servos are at, or about 90 degrees, before using the stretcher or you could over rotate the servos and damage the gears.  Make small incremental adjustments to get your settings.

David Vaught

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A frequent contributor to Model Airplane News and Electric Flight, Dr. Dave is a true RC enthusiast with over 40 years of flying experiences as well as a private pilot license. He flies and writes about everything from ornithopters to giant-scale aircraft, building and flying an average of 20 planes a year.
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