Do your homework and be rewarded! Ready for Ejets Int

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Iam getting ready to attend Ejets International in Ohio next week and wanted to be ready I expect to do some fun flying and get some great photo’s.  So I won’t have time to tinker with models that arn’t ready to fly.

It’s true do your homework and you will be rewarded.  I had gotten a Eflite Hawk and had seen several people have real trouble flying this model.  I got online and did a good bit of reading first and made notes on modifactions and flight control setups. 

I was rewarded yesterday by having a trouble free maiden flight that was text book – hands off with no trim required.  This model groves very nicely and is quick – I like it!  Chuck Yager would of been proud cause he always did his homework before each test flight.

So next Wed morning I’ll be on my way! 9 hours a passport and lots of coffee will get me there.  Stay tuned for some great photo’s and maybe a exclusive news scoop?

Ken Park

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Ken provides the event, project and people coverage for our “north of the border” section. He has been flying RC planes since he was 16 and has competed in the MAAC Nationals. He’s now getting into EDF jets and giant-scale gassers. He gets a big kick from designing from scratch on his laptop and laser-cutting “kits” for himself.
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