MPI announces new On-Board Watt Meter/Battery Monitor System

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MPI/Maxx Products continue to make our lives easier with better ways to make sure we know the condition of our on-board battery packs (MX8260).  This new system will monitor batteries from 3.5v to 10v and up to 8000 mAh.  The onboard unit weighs in at 0.4oz. (11g) and uses a handheld unit that plugs into a separate receptacle to monitor wattage, voltage and amps remaining.  Battery capacity is pre-programmed before each flight to represent the newly charged battery.  Additional on-board packs will be available.

I installed the MPI On-board battery meter into my BH Models Super Air using the MPI Universal Charging Receptacle (#2590).  The install was easy and exactly like you would expect for installing any switch.  The meter requires you to place the receptacle between the switch harness and the receiver.  You can if you wish plug in between the receiver battery and the switch, but you may not be able to charge the on-board battery and the electronics of the metering systems will slowly drain the battery.

So all you have to so is plug in the meter and you immediately get readings (Rx switch on).  The first screen includes volts, amps, watts and mAh.  This window gives you a quick look at your battery condition.  This is also the test window where you can load the battery at 5V with a 1 amp load.  You can immediately see the change in the battery condition as you hold the test button down.  The second screen is the mAh remaining and the capacity.  In this window you can reset the capacity to match your battery and you will be able to see the remaining mAh of your onboard battery before and after each flight.  This will also tell you flight usage.

The third window provides the maximum amps pulled during flight and the minimum voltage your battery was loaded to.  The MPI On-Board Meter has a non-volital memory so your last flight is always recorded and replaced by the next flight.

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