Seagull Models PC-6 Porter becomes AU-23 Peacemaker

Sep 14, 2011 1 Comment by

I recently mentioned that I had a Seagull Models PC-6 Turbo Porter in the paint shop with the plan of converting it to a Fairchild AU-23 Peacemaker. Well, it’s out of the shop and back in the air and looks like this! The gun blast/tracer path was done with PhotoShop. The conversion, beyond the paint work, consisted of adding flaps which enhance, even further, the slow flight abilities of the model. I will be presenting the complete article in a future MAN issue, but this should whet your appetitee to make a gentle flying, unique Warbird! Stay tuned!

Rich Uravitch

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His modeling career encompasses a broad range of aviation subjects, from small electric models and electric ducted fans to the giant scale and warbirds. He has been the Top Gun craftsmanship judge for several years. He has designed, built and flown several sport-scale RC aircraft, several of which can be purchased at the website.

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  1. David Huaher says:

    I have the PC6 on order and as and ex Air Comando (1960′s) I am interested in the AU23 conversion what did you use as documentation to build the side firing gatling gun?

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