Thunder Tiger Redline Hi-Flow 3D High Performance Muffler

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One of the latest offerings from Thunder Tiger is their new Redline 56H engine, which I have been using with Rotor Rage 30% Masters Blend fuel. One of the setup techniques I have been using is to break-in the engine with a slightly rich needle valve setting to give a head temperature of 150 – 175 degrees.  After a few flights to seat the ring, I up the temp to 175 – 200.  However, with the pipes and mufflers I have been using, I was getting the higher temps, but not a great increase in performance. Although I’m certainly not an engine expert, I felt the engine was not allowed to breathe the way it wanted to, so I talked to Hobbico about their Redline Hi-Flow 3D Performance Muffler.

This muffler is specifically designed for the TT Redline 53H/56H engine, and the high rpm and torque required of 3D flying.  With black aluminum construction and an enlarged exhaust volume with smooth airflow, this  steady backpressure design is recommend for extreme 3D pilots.  It can be found at, with stock number LXAPFR. I’m sure you will like it as much as I do. However, for F3C pilots they recommend the TTRG1402  Smoothy Pipe.

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