Duck Hunting and Radio Control

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I am a duck hunter and have been most of my life.  With my father being a waterfowl biologist I guess I was one lucky kid.  Anyway, all my radio control efforts have lead to three new developments for my fall 2011 hunting including a remote control duck with a boat rudder, speed 400 motor and fully remote control from the blind, a wing rotating duck with a speed 400 motor and geared setup with a remote variable speed setup and finally a water vibrator that uses a plastic jar with another speed 400 motor that has a 2″ wheel attached to the motor shaft, but half the wheel is removed to cause an out-of-balance condition that shakes the jar. I will get pictures posted tonight, but anyone else have any R/C home-builts for duck hunting? Let me know.

David Vaught

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A frequent contributor to Model Airplane News and Electric Flight, Dr. Dave is a true RC enthusiast with over 40 years of flying experiences as well as a private pilot license. He flies and writes about everything from ornithopters to giant-scale aircraft, building and flying an average of 20 planes a year.
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