Can you feel what you fly without a full-scale flight lesson?

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I have been fortunate to fly 100′s of RC airplanes and a few full scale planes as well.  I know from experience when I flew full-scale airplanes that on some good days I felt like the plane and I were one.  I could hear, feel, smell and see what was right and maintained a heightened sense when something was wrong.  So does this transmit to RC planes?  I have to say yes because of my full-scale experience.  Consider your hand-eye coordination and your ability to react to the movements of the plane while in flight.  Having flown even something as simple as a Cessna 152, I learned so much about flight and I highly recommend you take at least one general aviation lesson for the experience. From that lesson you can experience perhaps a stall, the landing setup and pattern and learn a few things about your aircraft.  I also think you would really enjoy reading the introductory ground school book.  Here you learn about flight controls, lift, weather and a variety of aeronautical facts.  So contact your local airport and give flying full-scale a try.  If you are like me you will get hooked in one flight, but otherwise learn enough to last a life-time.

David Vaught

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A frequent contributor to Model Airplane News and Electric Flight, Dr. Dave is a true RC enthusiast with over 40 years of flying experiences as well as a private pilot license. He flies and writes about everything from ornithopters to giant-scale aircraft, building and flying an average of 20 planes a year.
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