New for Members Only — Performance Aircraft Unlimited 27% Scale Bulldog Pitts

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We’ve just posted another exclusive “for Members Only” online article to the MAN website. This Review & Flight Report gives you the inside scoop on this popular and very aerobatic biplane. Written by MAN contributor Aaron Ham, here’s a snipet of his report!

IN THE AIR You know what the airplane is designed to do.  It’s a compact little hot rod with a ton of power and mind numbing maneuverability.  Although it had been a while, I had a pretty good idea of what to expect having owned an older BME Oracle at one time in the past.  I also realize that this Bulldog (and Challenger) is a new product that has been lightened, strengthened and slightly redesigned.  What I found was the Bulldog has much better ground handling characteristics as compared to its older BME predecessor.  The Bulldog tracks very well with good rudder authority at slower speeds with little to no tendency for the airplane to nose over when the tail starts flying.  As soon as the Bulldog was airborne, I was happy I had dialed in the recommended 20% expo into the ailerons.  They are much more responsive than what I remember…”

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