New For Members Only–10 Steps to Patching a Cloth Wing

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We just uploaded another great online exclusive article to our MAN site’s Members Only Section.

Accidents Happen All the Time–10 Steps to Patching a Cloth Covered Wing Is from the MAN “Classic Article” archives and it shows step by step how to make an almost invisable repair to a Stits Lite covered wing. By Gerry Yarrish, here’s a clip from the text.

“OK, how would you react to this statement? “Errr. Gerry. I ah, just stepped on your wing and it sounded really bad!” My first reaction was to tell my flying buddy Larry Marshall to knock it off; I don’t like bad jokes . . . . Imagine my surprise when I found he wasn’t joking!

1.  Repairing Stits Lite is an easy task. You’ll need M.E.K. solvent, Poly-Brush primer, Poly-Spray silver coat and Poly-Tone paint to match your old finish, sandpaper, masking tape, scissors, a sharp hobby knife and some sable hair brushes. Keep some M.E.K. solvent in a glass jar so you can keep your brush clean and ready to use. After each use, place the brush in the M.E.K. This will keep the adhesive from clumping and building up on the bristles.”


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