WW II Fighters: a Flight Journal Special Issue

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Meet WW II’s most famous fighters in this special issue from the editors of Flight Journal. Filled with hard-hitting action stories of real life fighter pilots, “WW II Fighters” is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Spectacular air-to-air photography and rarely seen archive pictures enhance every story. The digital version of this special issue is available free to Model Airplane News site members. For more information on the benefits of membership, go to the AirAgeStore.com.

Debra Cleghorn

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Model Airplane News Executive editor. About me: I’m a publishing professional who has a passion for aviation and RC, and I love creating issues, books and a website that help RC pilots to enjoy this sport even more. I admire scale aircraft and enjoy the convenience of flying smaller electrics.

3 Responses to “WW II Fighters: a Flight Journal Special Issue”

  1. G Brecht says:

    Why do you discriminate against hard copy subscribers of Model Airplane News when it comes to online specials for digital subscribers. RE: the digital copy of the WWII Fighters and other online specials.
    It does not cost your magazine any extra money to provide these (digital) specials to hard copy suscribers!

    • Debra Cleghorn says:

      I’ll start with some good news: very soon, all MAN hard copy subscribers will also have (free) access to the digital version of Model Airplane News (shhh! it hasn’t been announced yet!).

      As for the FJ digital special issues you mention, we offer those as a premium to the MAN membership site subscribers. The Flight Journal specials have a significant cost in terms of author and photographer payment as well as our time in editing and doing layouts, and we rely on money from FJ subscribers, our MAN membership subscribers and newsstand buyers to make these special issues work. We love what we do, but at the end of the week I (and my coworkers) appreciate getting a paycheck. :-)

  2. G Brecht says:

    Thanks for the response and I understand.

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