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1956: The first CL28, a maritime reconnaissance version of the Bristol Britannia, is completed by Canadair in Montreal.


1955: Air France orders 24 nationally built Caravelles and 10 Boeing 707s.



1948: An Airborne Transport DC-3 NC16002, disappears while flying to Miami from San Juan, Puerto Rico. The aircraft had reported themselves as being 700 miles from Miami and was not heard from again, losing all 32 people on-board. This is considered to be one of the flights lost in the Bermuda Triangle.



1926: Imperial Airways begins flying passengers and mail between England and India.


1916: Zeppelins LZ53 (L17) and LZ69 (L24) are destroyed in a fire at their shed at Tondem. In a separate incident Schutte-Lanz SL12 (E5) is also wrecked.


1913: The first flight at an altitude of over 20,000 feet is made by Georges LeGagneux, flying at 20,079 feet in his Nieuport Type IIN at St Raphael in France.

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