Cool video of the week: Jet-Powered Ultralight

Jan 01, 2012 11 Comments by

 Have you ever heard of a jet-powered ultralight? Dean Arnold recently uploaded this amazing footage of the maiden flight of the his Sirocket, the first twin engine jet-powered “microlight” in the UK. Filmed at the Damyn’s Hall Airfield, the Sirocket is a composite monoplane design normally powered by a 40hp gasoline engine and pusher propeller. Sounding exactly like a Lear jet on takeoff, this new version is powered by two RC grade JetCat P200SX turbine engines. We’ll bet it’s crazy fun to fly!

And the view from the cockpit:

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11 Responses to “Cool video of the week: Jet-Powered Ultralight”

  1. Jim Slaughter says:

    Looks a bit scarey! Underpowered?

  2. Jim Greene says:

    Sweet! but noisy….Too bad it wasn’t built in the US..What’s wrong w/ us now?

  3. Saddlebum says:

    Underpowered? Maybe but all jets start their take off rolls slowly (except fighters). I suspect the noise is nulified by the lack of vibration. Noise cancelling headphones would take care of that.

  4. Drew Stevenson says:

    Wonder what the comparative stats are – max speed, fuel consumption, climb rate, take off length etc compared to Stock set up.

  5. Jon Stenb says:

    To a girl in the bar that night: “yeah, I went flying in my twin engined jet today just for fun.”

  6. Dom DePolo, CAPT USN Ret. says:

    Note the Left aeileron in the up position a level flight. Wonder why? Also looks like it lands a little hot for an ultralight. (typical jet).

  7. Chris says:

    Q; Now James, do try to take care of this. It costs our taxpayers dearly.

    007: Now Q, you know I always do.

    Q: That’s what I’m afraid of.

  8. Glenn Zelinsky says:

    A beautiful woman that has a passion for aviation and RC. Debra Cleghorn is my dream woman. The plane is cool too.

  9. Gerry Yarrish says:

    Awesome project. sounds like a Lear or Falcon jet starting up and taking off

  10. Mike says:

    What is the cost to put one of these together? Man i want one!

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