First Flights of the Year — What did you fly?

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So with the coming of a new year, we all have an excuse to go out and do some flying. North, south, east or west, many RC Clubs have a traditional get together to put in those fun and exciting first flights to ring in the new RC flying calendar year. Up here in the Northwestern part of Connecticut we were blessed with temps almost reaching 50 degrees, so I packed up my daughter Rebecca, Piper our Golden Retriever, and my ParkZone Ultra Micro Stryker for some flights at the local school. Good thing we did too, it got super cold and we had our first snow shower the next day. So, tell us, what your club does for January 1. What airplane(s) did you fly? Was it a nice sunny day or did you brace for some frozen wing fun, we’s like to hear from you!



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4 Responses to “First Flights of the Year — What did you fly?”

  1. Larry Launstein Jr says:

    I flew my little Hobby Zone Champ plane the first Friday of January, this year January 6, and even though the wind was blowing a little bit, the plane still flew. I will be flying today in the Electric Fly-In in Saginaw.

  2. Larry Launstein Jr says:

    I got my Champ in the air again this morning when it wasn’t too windy. Even with a little wing, the plane flies like a champ.

  3. Jason says:

    I just started the New Year with joining a club and learning to fly my Sensei trainer

  4. Bud Young says:

    I flew my scratch built Maniac, a midwing airplane made of foam from the DollarTree stores. It derives from a plane called the Infineon, a biplane and excellent flyer.
    It was a little windy in my small flying area but i managed a good flight and landing in the driveway.

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