On this day in Aviation History — January 18

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1977: The Trident (C-4) missile development flight test program commenced when C4X-1 was launched from a flight pad at Cape Canaveral, FL


1957: Three Boeing B-52 Strato Fortress Bombers make the world’s first round the world, non-stop flight by turbojet-powered aircraft. The flight is completed in 45 hours 19 minutes, with an average speed of 534mph.


1944: US Navy Consolidated Catalinas, equipped with Magnetic Anomaly Detection (MAD) equipment, begin to patrol the Straits of Gibraltar. This action is intended to prevent German submarines from entering the Mediterranean.


1911: Eugene B. Ely makes the first landing by an aircraft on a ship when he flies his Curtiss pusher biplane from Selfridge Field near San Francisco to a specially prepared wooden deck on the stern of the armored cruiser USS Pennsylvania.


1906: The Zeppelin LZ2 is destroyed in a gale the day after its first flight.

(Above) Photo shows identical sister ship LZ-3

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