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Hey it was great to get a email from a fellow RC magazine reporter like myself  We were both covering the Electric Ducted Fan jets @ Ejets International in Ohio.  My stuff went into Electric Flight magazine and he got his photos  into RC Jets International.  Make a long story short my Mug Shot got into his magazine – But Dang that sure is a nice hat I am wearing eh!

PS Its hard to get your own photo in a story when your the guy with the camera

photo by Dan Eaton

Ken Park

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Ken provides the event, project and people coverage for our “north of the border” section. He has been flying RC planes since he was 16 and has competed in the MAAC Nationals. He’s now getting into EDF jets and giant-scale gassers. He gets a big kick from designing from scratch on his laptop and laser-cutting “kits” for himself.

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  1. Darcy says:

    Hey Ken! I just came across this. Nice to see you’re still active in model planes.

    Drop me a line. I’ve been doing rubber-power.

    Darcy Whyte

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